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As said^.    We want you to know how things are done. We will not stress to let you know about how we do stuff. <That is why we created this page.      
      In the areas below, we will inform you of any programs we use very often for our work and give them our rating. We will post details on the programs in case you want to use them too.

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Modeling Programs

Autodesk 3DS Max 9

Autodesk 3ds Max 9 is a very powerful 3d and 2d modeling tool.  Though very pricey, there is a discounted version at It is going for a greatly discounted price of $150.90 (original price: $3495.90). Anyways, this product will make a great outfit for any studio. There is also a downside. Firstly, the UI can be a bit hard to use without tutorials because everything is tucked under a few clicks, but this is only a downside if you are new to programs like this. Secondly, there is not a very easy to use sculpt feature that a certain other modeler has, but this is not really that important if you know what you are doing. RATING 4/5 .

Blender 2.49

Blender 2.49 is possibly the best 2d and 3d modeling tool conceived that I know about. First things first, it's 100% free. Second, it has a very simple user interface that is completely customizable. Blender can be received at Anyways, this product will make a good modeling tool in all purposes. There is a sculpt feature good for making small touches like tiny bumps or by simply letting you use your own creativity.  Downsides are: Not good for more solid-squarish looking objects. Not good with too many objects at once. RATING 4.8/5 .

Audio Programs


Audacity is the only audio program I have at the moment's all I need. Truthfully Audacity is the best audio program in my opinion. You can record, edit, and playback your audio files. Supports .wav and .mp3 formats. It can be downloaded for free on I cant truthfully compare this to anything else because I haven't used anything else.  The downside to this program are that you need to download a completely different software to encode .mp3 files. RATING 4.5/5.

Image Editing Programs

JASC Paint Shop Pro 9

JASC Paint Shop Pro 9 is a very powerful image editing program that possibly rivals Photoshop if you have the smarts. This is on for an extremely better price than Photoshop. PSP9 handles layers, custom brushes, effects, re cropping, and allows use for your own scripts for animation. This product is easy to learn and is faster and easier in total than Photoshop. RATING 4/5 .

Picasa 3

Picasa in general is a very good image editing program created for free by google. This program allows you to make more epic images and gives you a large array of effects to use. This is not a program like Photoshop, Picasa is only an editing software...but it's beast as hail! It can be obtained for free at Picasa allows for re cropping, glow, and if you have videos in your Picasa archive you can upload them directly to Youtube from the program. You can also take screenshots of the videos. This is an easy product to use and has no downsides in my part. RATING 5/5 .

Game Engines

Unity 3D

Unity 3D v3.0.0 and up is the best and most simple game engine on this side of the Earth. Unity Pro 3D 3+ is going for $1500.00. This is very cheap for a game engine, but there is a toned down Indie version for free. The indie Unity 3D has all features of Pro excluding real time shadows, image effects, video textures, and some special scripting features. You can find this product at The downsides are only limited to your experience and knowledge. RATING 4.8/5 .

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