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Ever wanted to play Halo 3 on your PC? Ever wanted to see Halo 1 with a total overhaul. Well, that is what Halo Revived is meant to do. Halo revived is an overhaul of Halo: Combat Evolved on the Unity 3D Engine. This is not a mod, this is a remake. We will add all new textures, models, Halo weapons from all of the games. If you are excited, please post in the comments or PM me. If you want to contribute in some way you can also contact me via comments or direct email. You can also apply to join Trippy Turkey Studios if you wish.
1.Full multiplayer component. Ranks, customizable gear, possible forge and theater.
2.Firefight with up to four friends (or enemies).
3.Weapon sights and and sprinting.
4.Armor abilities.
5.File sharing.
     You can submit ideas to or by PM to BeestkRome on Mod Db.
     You can also use the comment box to email your questions easily from this site.

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